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About Bhagat Phool Singh

 Bhagat Phool Singh Govt. Medical College owes its existence and location to a social reformer born on 24th Feb, 1885 as Harphool Singh (later Christened Bhagat Phool Singh) in Village Mahara in the state of Haryana to a family of Malik Jats, who were peasants.

He was appointed Patwari, a most coveted position of those times, and posted at Seenkh Pathri village in Panipat in 1904, at the tender age of 19.

As a Patwari, Phool Singh was involved in all sorts of vices, including taking bribes for doing small jobs and indulging in several bad habits. After spending four years in village Seenkh Pathri, he moved to village Urlana in Panaipat in 1909.

It was the village of Urlana, which sowed the seeds of transformation in Phool Singh. It was the time when the Arya Samaj was slowly gaining a strong foot hold in Haryana. Phool Singh was inducted to the Arya Samaj for the first time in Urlana. All the vices that he had acquire during his stint as Patwari were done away instantly. He turned vegetarian, avoided physical contact with women, gave up drinking and refused bribes.His attraction towards the Arya Samaj at this point of time, displayed his inner strength, and his ability to differentiate between good and evil.

The real transformation in his life, came however, after hearing Swami Shraddhanand, the founder of Gurukul Kangri in Haridwar. The Swami’s lecture had such immense effect on him that he became a staunch follower of the Arya Samaj and vowed to spread the message of Arya Samaj to everyone. He regarded Swami Shraddhanand has his ‘role model’. To study in depth the nuances of the Arya Samaj from basic texts he took leave for one year from his job, in 1916. By the end of his leave, he had abandoned all intentions of going back to British government service and resigned from the position of Patwari a price post which was his father’s ultimate dream in life & had brought much rejoicing to the family at the time he joined it. He not only left the job but also abandoned about 100 big has of his land in Village Mahra.

In the quest of peace and knowledge, Phool Singh settled down in a forest near Bhainswal Kalan, along with his wife Dhoop Kaur and two daughters Subhashini and Gunvati. During these years, he visited Gurukul Kangri at Haridwar (founded by Swami Shrddhanand in 1890 to impart education and Vedic learning while following celibacy). A complete transformation was in store for him there. He learned a lot about the Arya Samaj and its preachings in true sense.

He layed down the foundation of a Gurukul in 1919 for boys, in the forest land of Bhainswal Kalan. The foundation stone was layed by none other than Swami Shraddanand Ji. The Gurukul at Bhainswal Kalan flourished under the leadership of Phool Singh who evolved it as a prominent place for imparting Vedic education in Hindi and Sanskrit.

As an Arya samaji, he was heavily inclined for women education and this formed the basis for the establishment of the Arya Kanya Gurukul in a forest near village Khanpur Kalan in 1936.

During the time of the establishment of Arya Kanya Gurukul i.e. in 1938-39 BhagatJi also joined Hyderabad Satyagrah organized by the Hyderabad State Congress with participation from the Arya Samaj and Hindu Civil Liberties Unions. The Satyagarh, however, assumed communal overtones, and was called off by the Congress. But the Arya Samaj was intensely involved with this activity, and it continued in Satyagraha in collaboration with the Hindu Mahasabha. Bhagatji himself took special interest in the movement and sent several jathas from Rohtak to Hyderabad.

On 14th August, 1942, Chaudhari Chottu Ram was scheduled to visit the Gurukul where 15-20 girls were staying at that time. He was not able to come, and sent a telegram expressing his inability to come and requested Bhagatji to come to Lahore. Somehow Bhagatji could not get the telegram and he kept on waiting for him. Towards night, he heard the trotting of horses. Bhagat ji thought that they were sipahis of Chottu Ramji who were preceeding his visit. But fate had something else in store for him. They were Rangars, who were upset and angry due to various issues like Shudhi (purification) of Muslims for purposes of being converted to Hinduism and some other stray incidents which gave them a feeling of being marginalized. They stood there at close distance and shot Bhagatji right on the chest in the pitch dark night. That was the end of Bhagatji but his dreams live in the form of Bhagat Phool Singh Education Institutes which were run under guidance of her daughter Subhashini who was felicitated with Padmashri.

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